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9th April

1st October



Sat.       1st   Pray for all affected by the wild fires both here and abroad, especially those putting their lives at risk to douse them.

Sun.      2nd   Pray for our Minister Mark that he will be happy and enjoy his ministry to us.

Mon.      3rd   Pray that the heatwave in Spain and Portugal will soon cool down and people will get a respite.

Tues.      4th   Thank God for all the beautiful weather we have had and hope the farmers are having an easier time now.

Wed.      5th   Pray for all those wonderful and selfless people who are foster parents to children who have had a bad start in life.

Thur.      6th   Pray for the 11 starving children found in a compound in New Mexico.

Fri.         7th   Pray for the 5th Guides/Rangers starting back for the new term.

Sat.        8th   Pray for all those caught up in the Indonesian earthquake that there will be no more earthquakes or aftershocks.

Sun.       9th   Pray for all taking part in the family and YPCF promotion service.

Mon.    10th   World Suicide Prevention Day.  Pray for the Samaritans and any other organization who work around the clock to help desperate people.

Tues.    11th    Pray for the evening Bible Study taking place in the Church lounge.

Wed.    12th   Pray for the 11th Guides returning after the summer break.

Thur.    13th   Pray for the relatives and friends of the 20 people killed when an aircraft hit a mountain side in the Swiss Alps.

Fri.       14th   Holy Cross Day.  Pray for all evangelists especially those who risk their lives in countries where they are not welcome.

Sat.      15th   Pray for Somali Christians being persecuted by an Islamist extremist group.

Sun.     16th   Pray for the prayer meeting taking place before the service this morning.

Mon.    17th   Pray for the BB and leaders starting a new session.

Tues.    18th   Praise God for the blessing of grandchildren and thank Him for your own children and grandchildren.

Wed.    19th   Ember Day.  A seasonal fast to reflect on the coming of Autumn.

Thur.    20th   Thank God for all His blessings to us.

 Fri.      21st   Pray for the 21st Brownies as they meet together this evening.

Sat.      22nd   Pray for the 11th Rainbows meeting this morning.

Sun.     23rd   Pray for the residents of Birkbeck Road.

Mon.   24th   World Maritime Day.  (All week) Pray for sailors who spend their lives on the sea plying their trade across all the oceans so that countries can                                   have the goods they require.

Tues.    25th   Pray for the specialist army unit being set up to tackle the increasing threat from women suicide bombers.

Wed.    26th   Pray for the morning Bible Study in the Church lounge.

Thur.    27th   Pray for the 5th/11th Brownies meeting their friends again.

Fri.       28th    St. Wenceslas’ Day.  Pray for all organizations who serve the poor around the world.

Sat.      29th    World Heart Day.  Pray for the continuing recovery of patients who have had heart surgery and for the surgeons who have done this marvelous work.  

Sun.  30th  St. Jerome’s Day.  Pray for those who undertake to translate the scripture.


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